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Credit Repair!

  • Affordable

    We understand all situations and fair pricing is a integral part of our business structure.
    Talk to us and be assured that you are getting fairly charged for the services that we render.

  • Fast & Secure

    All credit repair applications are quickly responded to and are 100% confidential.
    We work fast so all your dispute letters are sent immediately.
    We do all our work professionally, ethically, and legally.

  • Complete Management

    You can expect only the best service from our team. We are dedicated to helping our clients repair their credit and leave no stone unturned. Let our services speak for itself.

Great Credit Opens Many Doors!

Take a look at these benefits:

  • Lower interest on credit cards and loans
  • Lower interest rates on auto and mortgage
  • Negotiating power for lower interest rates
  • Higher limits on Loans and Credit Cards
  • Easier approval on property rental
  • Better Auto Insurance rates
  • The ability to get a better job
  • What we can dispute

    Any items that are reporting inacurately, unverifiable or outdated including:

  • Collection Accounts
  • Bankruptcies & Foreclosures
  • Inaccurate Information
  • Late Payments
  • Charge Offs & Student Loans
  • Auto Repossessions
  • Medical Collections
  • Inquiries
  • Judgements
  • And Much More!


      Credit Consulting
      One Time Fee: $750.00

      Monthly Payment Option If you choose to do a monthly payment plan, we require $400.00 down and $300.00 for two consecutive months. Contact us for more details.